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Does your laptop, desktop or Apple computer need to be repaired? We can provided OEM replacement hardware and back repairs with a 90 day warranty.

At Digital Micro we're your local computer repair pros. Our technicians are CompTIA certified to repair any make and model laptop, desktop or all-in-one computer. We can repair most computer problems within 24 to 72 hours, and we back our repairs with a 90 day labor warranty. 

Laptop & Desktop Computer Repair

At Digital Micro we repair hundreds of laptop and desktop computers every month. All computer repairs are handled by CompTIA certified technicians so you can rest assured your computer is repaired correctly. 

Apple iMac & MacBook Repair

Apple iMac's and MacBooks are some of the most difficult computers to repair. New models require specific tools to open and replace faulty hardware. If your Apple computer is no longer covered under Apple Care stop by and see the techs at Digital Micro.

One of the most common computer repair services we offer is still virus removal. One wrong click and your computer is infected with scareware or malware that can steal your personal information. Have you had one of those pop-ups that want you to call Microsoft and someone told you to just cut the PC off and back on it will go away? The bad guys know this and infect your PC in the background. If you think your computer has a virus bring to the experts and have it removed.

Nobody likes a computer that won't power on. For laptops and desktops this can be many things. Bad power cords, faulty motherboards, a damaged laptop DC jack to memory or a hard drive. If your computer won't boot up bring it in to our shop and we will perform a free diagnostic test to pinpoint the problem.

Does your computer screen have lines across it, only half the picture showing or maybe you knocked your laptop off the table? At Digital Micro we can replace the screen in 99% of laptops, all-in-one's and Apple Mac products. All of our screens are OEM replacement or high quality third party replacement.

If we listed all the computer repair services we offered here this page would never end. If your having a problem with your computer call the experts at Digital Micro. We offer flat labor service and free diagnostic if your bring your computer into the shop for repair. 

  1. DIAGNOSTIC FEE- For in-shop repairs we never charge a diagnostic fee to determine the problem with your computer. For on-site diagnostic we do charge a $25 fee, but we waive this fee if you choice to have your computer repaired.
  2. COMPUTER REPAIR WARRANTY- Most of our computer repairs are billed at a flat labor rate plus the cost of replacement hardware. After performing our diagnostic test we can provide you with a complete cost of repair fee.
  3. COMPUTER REPAIR WARRANTY- All computer repairs are covered under a 90 day labor warranty, manufacturers warranty on new hardware (typically 1 year) and 30 day warranty on reconditioned replacement hardware.

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