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Your Local Tech Support Pros

The technology experts at Digital Micro are here to help you setup or troubleshoot your computer or smart home devices instore, onsite or online.

Computer Setup

Get a new computer? Let our techs fully set it up for you. We'll install your software, transfer your data, secure it from attacks, optimize it and do much more.

Computer Support

Is your computer not working properly? Our techs can run a series of test to quickly find the cause of the problem and have your computer up and running again.

Virus/Malware Removal

If your computer is running slow, freezing or full of popups it is likely infected. Our techs can rid your computer of infections and protect your privacy.

Printer Support

Does your printer have error messages or just won't print? No problem! Our techs will diagnose your printer issues and have you back up and printing in no time.

Email Support

Is the mail not getting out or coming in? Our techs can troubleshoot email problems or setup your email in Outlook, 365, Gmail or Thunderbird across all your devices.

Smart Home Tech

Everything in our homes are now "smart" devices. Our techs are here to help you in the process of purchasing, setting up or troubleshooting your smart home.

Online Support

$ 50 per hour
  • With our online tech support a tech will remotely connect to your PC and fix your problem over the internet. 
  • 1 Hour Minimum

Onsite Support

$ 80 per hour
  • With our onsite tech support a tech will come to your home or office and stay until the problem is fixed. 
  • 1 Hour Minimum

Instore Support

$ 80 flat rate
  • With our instore tech support you can bring in your computer, no scheduling, for flat rate repairs.
  • + Replacement Parts
  1. HOW DO I PAY FOR ONLINE TECH SUPPORT SERVICE? - With our online tech support service we must charge for the first hour upfront. We do this by sending you an email link that allows you to pay this via our secure card processor on your smartphone or computer. If we're unable to fix your problem remotely will refund your card the amount charged.
  2. WHAT HOURS IN THE DAY DO YOU PROVIDE TECH SUPPORT?  - All of our tech support services are offer Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 6:00pm. On Saturday we provide support from 9:00am to 4:00pm. We do provide an after hours support option at our emergency support rate. That rate is $90 per four for online support and $150 per hour for onsite support.
  3. DO I NEED TO SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT FOR INSTORE SUPPORT? - No. You can bring your computer or device in at anytime for service. Calling ahead of time could save you time and money because some issues we can fix with remote support. Other issues might be best looked at onsite.

Mailing Address

P.O. Box 123 
DeArmanville, AL. 36257 


Phone: (256) 405-9150 
Phone: (205) 547-0661

Store Location

Sight & Sound
8221 McClellan Blvd.
Anniston, AL. 36206

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