Your computer won't boot from its hard drive. You dropped your iPhone or Android in water. You stepped on your flash drive and broke it. Now all of your pictures, videos, tax documents and work data are gone. The data recovery experts at Digital Micro can get them back.

Data Recovery in Anniston, Oxford and Gadsden, Alabama.


Don't panic because the data recovery technicians at Digital Micro are here to help. In most cases we can perform a data recovery service right in-house. What if your storage device is damaged to a point it must be physically opened? For this the drive must be opened in a certified clean room. This is something you won't find in the Anniston or Gadsden area. Don't worry because we have partnered with a nationwide leader in data recovery to have this service performed at a lower rate than most of our competitors can offer.

Computer Data Recovery

We perform desktop and laptop hard drive data recoverys almost on a weekly basis. We can perform data recovery on drives that have had files deleted. The hard drive will not boot into the operating system. The drive has a firmware issue. We can even perform reoverys on drives that have circuit board, motor or platter damage.

Smartphone Data Recovery

Our smartphones are more than just a way to call and send text messages. They're mini computers that hold our pictures, videos, contacts and even work data. Being so small it's common for them to get dropped in water, run over or stepped on. At Digital Micro we can provide you with data recovery services for your Android and Apple smartphone.

SD Card Data Recovery

Inside your phone, digital camera, GoPro, or other mobile device, you’re likely to find an SD card or a microSD card. As you use your phone or camera, your SD card can fill up with priceless pictures and videos. But SD cards can fail, just as any other storage device can. If you’ve lost data due to a failed flash memory card, our SD Card Recovery Service engineers can help.

USB Data Recovery

With the growing capacity of flash drives we use them as portable hard drives packed with personal and company data. We don't think about how easily they can be damaged. Their circuit boards can short out. The USB plug can become bent. Their file system can become corrupt. We have the ability to perform basic repairs to most model flash drives and get your data back.