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Anniston, Oxford & Gadsden

We can recover data from computer hard drives, smartphones, USB drives and SD cards. If you've lost data our techs can probably get it back.

Data Recovery

We perform desktop and laptop hard drive data recoveries almost on a weekly basis. We can perform data recovery on drives that have had files deleted. The hard drive will not boot into the operating system. The drive has a firmware issue. We can even perform reoveries on drives that have circuit board, motor or platter damage.

Tablet & Smartphone
Data Recovery

Our smartphones are more than just a way to call and send text messages. They're mini computers that hold our pictures, videos, contacts and even work data. Being so small it's common for them to get dropped in water, run over or stepped on. At Digital Micro we can provide you with data recovery services for your Android and Apple smartphone.

USB & SD Card
Data Recovery

With the growing capacity of flash drives we use them as portable hard drives packed with personal and company data. We don't think about how easily they can be damaged. Their circuit boards can short out. The USB plug can become bent. Their file system can become corrupt. We have the ability to perform basic repairs to most model flash drives and get your data back.

Diagnostic Fee

$ 50 flat rate
  • A device diagnostic is required to determine the extent of the damage to the device, if a recovery is possible and the cost to perform a recovery.
  • Performed Inhouse

Level 1 Recovery

$ 100 starting at
  • This recovery is for files that have been deleted, formatted partitions or storage devices that do not have mechanical problems. 
  • Performed Inhouse

Level 2 Recovery

$ 500 starting at
  • This recovery is for storage devices that have major mechanical problems or have been physically damaged in some way.
  • Third Party Specialist
  1. WHY IS MY HARD DRIVE CLICKING? - If you hear a clicking sound coming from your computer shut it down, do not continue to use it or power it on. I clicking sounds means you drive has begun to have major mechanical problems. If the issue is with the heads that read the data continuing to use the drive will make a dat  
  2. WHAT IF I ACCIDENTALLY DELETED A FILE? - In most cases we can recover a deleted file. If you have accidentally deleted a file on your computer, USB drive or SD card do not continue to use it. By still using the device you run the risk of overwriting the area where that file is located, losing it forever.
  3. WHAT IF I FORMATTED MY HARD DRIVE OR USB? - Just because you formatted your hard drive, USB thumbdrive or SD card doesn't mean the data in unrecoverable. In many cases we have been able to get some if not all data back. If you have formatted your device power it down or in the case of a USB thumbdrive or SD card remove them and do not use them again. Using a device will overwrite the data making it unrecoverable.

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Phone: (256) 405-9150 
Phone: (205) 547-0661

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8221 McClellan Blvd.
Anniston, AL. 36206

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