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From troubleshooting your current network to the design, installation and configuration of a new network in your home or office, Digital Micro is your local CompTIA Networking certified professionals. 

Networking & WiFi in Anniston, Oxford and Gadsden, Alabama.


Whole Home Wireless

Linksys Authorized Partner

Traditional routers may not reach the far corners of your home. The new Linksys Velop system creates a mesh network with nodes that can be placed anywhere in your home. Unlike range extenders that  cut your wireless speeds in half, the Velop system delivers a signal almost 100% full speed.

Office Networking

Araknis Networks Partner

Araknis networking equipment is built to provide superior performance and reliability  in the office. If you're tired of dealing with slow network speeds, constant network outages or wireless signal drops, contact us today to see if Araknis Networks can fix your problems. 

Network Troubleshooting

CompTIA Network Certifed

Having problems with your home or office network? Without experience and the right equipment these problems can be hard to find. The certified networking techs at Digital Micro will troubleshoot your wired and wireless network to determine the problem and provide solutions to correct it.