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Anniston, Oxford and Gadsden

Wether it be in your home or office Digital Micro can provide setup and troubleshooting solutions for network design, security and WiFi.

It doesn't matter if it's in your home of business, your network is the backbone of your technology. The equipment provided by your ISP offers lack luster WiFi and no security for your business. At Digital Micro we have partned with Ubiquiti Networks and industry leader in networking equipment used in to hotels, pro sports stadiums and nationwide companies to provide you with a fast and secure network for your office, and a whole home WiFi system that will blanket your home inside and out.

Whole Home WiFi

In our homes we have multiple wireless devices that include our smartphones, laptops, tablets, game consoles, smart TV's and even kitchen appliances. The home networking equipment from your ISP can't handle this. With a whole home wireless solution from Digital Micro you will have a strong, reliable wireless network that can handle all of your home devices.

Business Networking

Your network is the backbone of your business. With Digital Micro business networking solutions we can provide your business with a fast, secure network that reduces the risk of data theft. Improve internet speeds. Allows staff to share files easily. Gives remotes access for staff to work outside of the office. This all adds up to less downtime and a more productivity from your employees.

Business Networking Solutions

From setup, troubleshooting and monitoring our network engineers can provide your business with a secure, fast and reliable network.

Network Security

Protect your company and its data with a properly configured router, firewall and switch while also providing you with a fast, reliable network.

Security Cameras

Lower the risk of theft, damage to property or just keep an eye on your staff from anywhere 24/7 on your computer or smartphone.

Ubiquiti Networks WiFi Reseller

Business Class WiFi

Cover your business with a single, fast and secure WiFi signal while providing guest their own WiFi connection without access to company data.

Cable Installation

We provide network cable installation services for new construction, office expansion or adding that one or two extra jacks for new staff or equipment.

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