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Finally A Reliable Network

Our certified networking techs are here to help you with troubleshooting or configuring your whole home WiFi or office network.

Whole Home WiFi

Put an end to WiFi deadspots in your home. Our techs can design a custom "whole home wifi" solution that will cover every inch of your home inside and out without seeing a large drop in speed.

Network Security

Keep your company's and clinet's data safe and secure with a properly secured network. Our techs can install the proper network security features that will protect you from outside attacks.

Mesh WiFi Systems

Do you need WiFi on a large scale? Our techs can install a mesh wifi system with multiple access points that will give you a single, seamless  wifi network for your staff, vendors and guest.

Guest WiFi Setup

Guest WiFi is a must in todays world for customers and clients to have internet access. Our techs can install a guest wifi system that allows this without giving them access to your company data or recources.

Network Cabling

If you're moving to a new building or need to expand your current network our techs can install, test and verifiy your network cabling for computers, voip phones, cameras and much more.

Wireless Bridges

With a wireless bridge you can connect multiple buildings to a single network. Even if they're miles apart. No more need for multiple internet accounts or the cost of running a cable under ground.


If you're having network or WiFi problems take advantage of our FREE onsite network consultation. One of our network techs will come to your home or office, examin your current hardware and make suggestions to improve reliability and security.

  1. WHAT IS WHOLE HOME WiFi?  - A true whole home WiFi system uses a router and one or more nodes to provide a seamless, full speed WiFi signal across your entire home. Many brands are marketing their systems as "whole home WiFi" however they're nothing more than a router with range extenders. This will provide you the coverage but any devices connected to the range extenders will suffer a drastic drop in connection speeds. 
  2. IS IT OK TO USE THE ISP PROVIDED ROUTER IN MY BUSINESS? - No. You should never use your ISP's provided router in a business. The ISP router is intended for home use with limited features and security. In a business it's a must to have a true business class router with advanced firewall options to protect your network from outside attacks.
  3. WHAT BRANDS DO YOU CARRY? - For a true whole home WiFi systems we find that Linksys makes the most reliable option. For small businesses that need a basic netork we find that Linksys makes an affordable and reliable  option. For businesses that need advanced protection we only install WatchGuard firewalls.

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