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With a HD security camera system from Lorex by Flir you can watch over your office adding a layer of protection, preventing employee theft, preventing insurance fruad and monitor employee work flow.

Security Cameras in Anniston, Oxford and Gadsden, Alabama.


2K / 4K HD Cameras

The Lorex 2K and 4K IP cameras will leave nothing to question. With their crisp images and amazing digital zooms, you will have the best chance to capture details you need, even from a distance. With the introduction of these new security cameras, the world of security monitoring has never looked better.

Color Night Vision

The importance of having a security camera that can keep a watchful eye on your property during the night can't be overstated, and we've just added a whole new dimension to night time security monitoring with Color Night Vision.

Thermal Imaging

With visible cameras, reflected light on atmospheric conditions like smoke, heavy fog or rain can prevent any detailed visibility. Thermal images, however, do not rely on light to see, so these obstructions and even modest foliage do not affect their ability to create high-contrast images.