One of the most common questions after we perform a virus removal is, what's the best anti-virus I can use so this won't happen again?  The honest answer is nothing. This is because there is now anti-virus or anti-malware that will 100% keep you from being re-infected. No anti-virus / anti-malware can protect you against yourself. In this blog we will talk about the top 3 anti-virus software programs we see are the most effective in protecting your computer.

Pre-Antivirus Check List.

Before we get to the anti-virus protection we need to talk about a couple ofthings that no done will make our top 3 just as uneffective as the bottom 3 on our list. 

  • Make sure your software is fully updated. Using old versions of Adobe and Java are more than just allowing doors to be open for virus and malware attacks, it's basically begging them to come in.
  • Make sure you have Windows Update turned on. Microsft releases constant updates and security patches to prevent hackers from gaining access to your computer. 
  • Stop being Curious George on Facebook. Most infections we remove come from "click bait" articles on Facebook. 
  • Finally don't open emails attachments from people you don't know. If your a business that accepts invoices and resumes via email you need to stop, or you should pay for a good email filtering solution. Failing to do so is an open invitation to ransomware.

Emsisoft Anti-Malware

Not so commonly heard of, Emsisoft is making waves in the anti-virus/anti-malware prevention world. Designed for home and small offices it's already knocked the king of anti-malware (Malwarebytes) from the top of the list for computer repair shops. 

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Windows Defender

When it comes to anti-virus / anti-malware protection most IT providers laugh at free products. The honest truth is we rarely see an infection on computers with Windows Defender when software is kept up-to-date and the latest Windows updates are installed.

McAfee Security

Most of you are probably thinking I am crazy for this one. McAfee Security was purchased by Intel in 2010 and went straight down the toilet. It acted more like a virus than an anti-virus. Then on April 4th. 2017 a new company purchased McAfee and the product has continued to impress since then. It's still early, but if they can continue the trend McAfee might be at number 1 in the near future.