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Does Your Business Need Managed IT and CyberSecurity Solutions? 

Yes, every small business needs a managed cybersecurity plan in place to aid in preventing cyberattacks resulting in company and client data loss. Business of all sizes have realized the old method of fixing a problem when it happens is no longer the answer, it's an open door to cybercriminals looking for their next victim.

MSP services without a contract.

Many managed service providers require you to sign a long term contract, typically 1 year. At Digital Micro we never require a contract. All of our managed service plans are month-to-month with a 30 notice to cancel.

Over 10 years in the IT industry.

Digital Micro has been providing small business and franchise companies with IT support services since 2010. We carry industry certification in computer support, network support and systems security.

Why is Managed IT and Cybersecurity better for me?

With managed IT services and cybersecurity we know what's going on with your technology. We know if if your computers are patched and secure. We know if employees install software that shouldn't be on their PC. We know if vendors install equipment with security holes. We know if your firewall is leaving the front door open for cybercriminals. This is just a small example of the things we can do to better protect you from becoming the next 5 o'clock news story.

Digital Micro's Managed IT & Cybersecurity Services at a glance.

Managed Networks

Our team properly configures your network equipment, while providing constant monitoring and patching for security.

Managed Computers

Our team monitors your PC's to insure updates\patches are installed, while keeping users from doing things they shouldn't. 

Managed Backups

Our team installs cloud based backup systems and monitor them to insure they're operating so you will have your data if needed.

Managed Security

Our team will monitor and resolve viruses and malware infection attempts, while proving next-gen ransomware protection.

Managed Vendors

We'll put an end to vendors causing you headaches and creating security holes by managing the services they provide.

Business Continuity

With business continuity our team will put equipment and process in place to insure you're up and running quickly if a disaster strikes.

Managed IT, Cybersecurity in Birmingham, Gadsden and Anniston Alabama

Frequently asked question about Managed IT and CyberSecurity.

My business is to small to be hacked. I don't live in an area where businesses get hacked. These are the two most common responses we receive when talking with small business owners about cybersecurity. In most cases, probably 90%, the attacker has no clue who you are, what your business does, where your business is located or what data they can get. You don't want to be the business that pulled the short straw one day and loose everything.

There's many antivirus software vendors claiming they can protect you from a cyberattack. The days of scanning for a Trojan virus are long gone. Most, if not all big name AV products fail horrible when defending you against a modern cyberattack. Cybersecurity protection software does much more than just catch a virus. It uses next-gen technology to actively hunt out threats on you computer and eliminate them, along with many more features.

No. Many successful small business cyberattacks are caused directly by the ISP's false advertising. Most ISP's are now using the term cybersecurity as a buzz word to charge you more and deliver nothing. In fact many 3rd party companies that perform network intrusion testing has documented how easily they got past the ISP's equipment. You need a true security firewall, properly configured to protect you from outside attacks.

Many service providers will tell you the cost of doing nothing is more expensive. Which is true. A report form released by insurance companies states that most small businesses that suffer a cyberattack never reopen. Is it expensive to protect your business? At Digital Micro we treat every business different. We meet with you to understand what your business does, software it uses and how it operates. With this we can design a custom solution with a total security approach. The monthly cost for this service depends on the number of staff employed, industry compliances you must follow and several other factors. Many small businesses find it's not as costly as they thought.

If any IT support provider tells you they can guarantee your business to never be a victim you should end the meeting then. It's impossible to guarantee that. If it was possible you would not see news stories everyday where companies were breached. At Digital Micro our goal is to provide your business with the technology, training and monitoring to drastically lower the odds a cyberattack is successful, along with providing documentation to insurance companies you took the proper steps to try and prevent an attack.

If you want to better support and protect your businesses IT, give the team at Digital Micro a call or send us a message. 


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