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We pride ourselves on designing and installing business networks that provide reliability, speed and security.

Networking Solutions

You have a business to run, grow and protect. Yet today all types of businesses are being effected by cyber threats looking to steal company data, customer data and hold your data hostage for payment. You didn't open a business to constantly worry about malware attacks that can close your business for good.

Digital Micro works with customers in the retail, education, professional services, manufacturing and non-profit industries to provide a powerful approach to cybersecurity.

Network infrastructure installation.

The first step in a solid network is the infrastructure. This proper cabling that is terminated correctly and a net centralized location for all the equipment for easy access if troubleshooting is required.

Network equipment installation.

Having the right equipment for your business and needs is very important. Buying something from the local big-box  store won't cut it. You need the proper firewall, managed switches and access points.

Network security and monitoring.

Depending on your business type will determine the type equipment you need for proper security. Additional to the equipment Digital Micro offers remote monitoring to insure your network is operating the way it should, and make changes quickly id needed.
Protect your business from cybersecurity threats.
Content Filtering Service

Content Filtering allows administrators to easily block certain types of web content without having to manually block each URL individually.

Anti-Virus Service

Anti-Virus is the first line of defense to protect your internal network against zero-day attacks and the most active viruses in the wild list. 

Anti-Spam Service

Anti-Spam service protects against spam, phishing and virus-laden emails as they pass through the firewall/

IDP Services

Intrusion Detection and Prevention allows the administrator to control specific applications and also block well known trojans and back door applications that can infiltrate your internal network.

VPN Services

Browser-triggered, easy implementation without requiring client software to be pre-installed. Deploying client to site VPN connection via client software approach, with strongest industry authentication support (SHA-2 512-bit) and fast connection 

Application Intelligence

Application Intelligence utilize the DPI engine and enables administrators the capabilities to identify, categorize and control over 3,000 social, gaming, productivity, and other Web applications and behaviors

Common Network Security Questions

Businesses and organizations of all sizes have systems that enable their business to function, and data that is collected, transmitted or generated to support its operations. Cybersecurity, or information security, is the art of implementing processes, controls and activities to secure the data and related technology systems. The purpose of information security is to assure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the information, data and systems against threats ranging from natural disasters to computer and server malfunction, and more malicious activities including software attacks and criminal theft of information.

Every organization, regardless of size, needs a plan and processes in place to stay protected as threat actors and unexpected incidents do not discriminate with respect to victims.

First is using the ISP modem or a router from a big-box-store in a business. ISP's have begun lying to their customers in an effort to make more profits. They claim their modem/router is protecting you from cyber attacks. The honest truth is they don't. Actually there a wide open door with zero protection. Another mistake is a wireless router like TP-Link or Netgear. These devices are home use. These home routers are typically easy to setup, just as easy to hack. 

Second is not properly segmenting your network. We see everyday a business has PC's holding company and client data on the same networks as security cameras, employee phones and other IoT devices. These devices give quick and easy access to hackers wanting your data. With a network unproperly configured Bob in the maintenance department is a few clicks away from see your top customers private information.

There's no such thing as a best brand. While most companies try to make a device for every situation they commonly fall flat in some situations. At Digital Micro we work with a couple of major manufacturers to provide a solution that fits the level of protection you need, the speeds you need (wired or wireless), and still provide constant reliability. The brands we like to use include Zyxel, Calyptix, Ubiquiti and Araknis. 

The best thing to do is call the pros at Digital Micro. Our network engineers will perform a complete evaluation of your network to determine what is the best way to address your cybersecurity. All of our networks are designed for remote monitoring and easy expansion as your business grows.

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