In the Anniston, Oxford, Gadsden and Birmingham, Alabama areas.

Do you need a fast, reliable and secure wireless network at your business?

Businesses are moving to wireless. Small offices want it over cables, schools for tablets, churches or campgrounds for guest and warehouses for equipment. We've even installed wireless networks in sporting complexes.

Professional WiFi design.

With a Digital Micro wireless network there's no guessing. We use industry standard software and hardware to properly place access points to reach maximum coverage.

Professional WiFi installation.

Digital Micro's network installers handle the whole project. We run the conduit and cabling, switching and PoE backbone, and we program the access points for security and reliability.
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Business Office WiFi Installation

Our team can design and install a wireless network in your business that is fast and reliable so your office staff can get work done. We can also provide your guest with wireless network just for them, with no access to your you company data.

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Event Center WiFi Installation

Our team can design a large scale network event center. Giving each room or area it's own private wireless network for presenters, guest and office staff. These networks are designed for a large user base and provide security for data.

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Sports Complex WiFi Installation

Our steam will design a wireless network for your sports complex that allows staff to roam freely thought the complex with wireless hand held devices, vendors and staff. We can also provide a WiFi network just for spectators if you desire.

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Campground WiFi Installation

Our staff can even design a wireless network for you camp grounds or RV park. These networks will give your guest the speed for streaming content and insure they're protected from other guest on the network from seeing their data.

Office WiFi

School WiFi

Event Center
WiFi Installation

Sports Complex
WiFi Installation

Hotel WiFi

WiFi Installation

WiFi Installation

Business and Commercial Wifi installation by certified technicians.

At Digital Micro we never just guess at wireless access point installation. We use industry standard software and hardware to decide the proper placement for wireless AP's so you get blank coverage in all the areas WiFi is needed. The network technicians at Digital Micro are also industry certified through CompTIA and the brands we carry to insure all hardware is configured properly to avoid drops, bad performance and security issues.

Wireless wifi installation for busines, event centers, warehouses and churches in anniston, oxford, gadsden and birmingham alabama

Frequently asked questions about our business wireless/WiFi installations

Many factors can cause your wireless signal to drop. This can be caused by a malfunctioning wireless access point, bad firmware and interference from other devices just to name a few things. If you're having problems with the WiFi dropping out in your office or facility, let the network team at Digital Micro troubleshoot your problems.

We get this question a lot. The customer is paying for much faster speeds than they're getting. First, the wireless connection speed will not always be as fast as the speeds you get from a wired connection. That being said we have seen customers receive speeds 70% slower. There's a couple of things we look at to resolve this, and we do not have to change out hardware most of the time. If your having speed issues contact us at Digital Micro for help.

A lot of small offices are relying on the ISP wireless router to provide WiFi. You should never use the ISP's equipment in your business. Doing so is a massive security risk, no matter what the ISP sales rep tells you. When it comes to the wireless signals these routers are just not strong enough. They're typically on one side of the building, in a strip mall with other routers or in a building that just doesn't allow for signals to penetrate walls. Let the network team at Digital Micro perform a complete WiFi evaluation in your building and find the right solution for you.

Sure we can. We have designed and installed outdoor wireless networks for bars, restaurants, schools, houses of worship and sports complexes. The best part it's not just outdoor WiFi, it's a whole building wireless solution. The same wireless signals that are inside will be outside, so as you roam the property you never loose connection.

Yes. The experts on the Digital Micro network teams has designed and installed wireless networks at football stadiums, softball complexes, event centers, warehouse and campgrounds. These wireless networks are designed to cover very large areas, support hundreds to thousands of users, and still provide protection for your guest as well as your office staff. 

If your business is located in the Central or Northern Alabama area
we offer a free onsite WiFi Evaluation. 

Once we receive your request a member of our team will reach out to schedule your free onsite WiFi evaluation


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