Data Recovery and Backup
in Alabama

Looking for a local data recovery service?

At Digital Micro we provide all types of data recovery solutions for computer hard drives, SD cards and USB flash drives. We do many types of recover onsite in out own lab. For cases where the device has sever damage we partner with a clean room recover company to that can handle complex services like water and fire damage. We also keep you from experiencing this expensive service with a total backup solution that includes onsite or cloud.

Data Recovery Services

Typical types of data recovery include deleted files, corrupt drives, equipment failure and fire or water damage.

Onsite Data Backup

Keep your files safe and secure with an onsite backup solution. Keep files backed up from all of your computers and other devices.

Cloud Based Data Backup 

For ultimate protection keep your files backed up in the cloud. This allows easy restoration after a disaster that not only destroys your device, but the building the onsite backup is stored in.

Cloud Data Backup Solutions

Why keep your data backup in the cloud? Onsite backup are good, but we live in a world where mother nature, fire and crime can destroy a building and its content. With cloud data backup your files are safe in multiple locations. Allowing you to operate after a disaster. 

Types of data recovery services we offer in Alabama?

We perform our data recovery service and data backup solutions for home and business users across the state of Alabama. For customer with in a 60 minute radius of our office we provide free pickup and return service. For customers outside of that area we provide a mail in solution. Use the contact form below to begin the process of recovering or protecting your data.
Hard Drive Data Recovery

We can perform data recover services on laptop drives, desktop drives and external hard drives.

SD Card Data

We can perform data recovery services on SD cards in cameras, phones and other devices.

USB Thumb Drive

We perform data recovery on USB thumb drives that are damaged or the data is corrupt.

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Our Service Areas

At Digital Micro we provide services to the following city's and their surrounding areas.


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Phone: +1 (256) 405-9150
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At Digital Micro we offer an all-in-one technology solution to business across Alabama and Georgia.

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