In the Oxford, Anniston, Gadsden and Birmingham, Alabama areas.

Does your home or business network need attention or replaced?

Your network is the backbone of your technology in both your home and business. It provides the connection to the internet, allows communication between devices and it's the first line of defense in protecting your data. Digital Micro has been installing highly reliable networks since 2010 with CompTIA Network + certified installers.

Home network & WiFI installation.

Our home networks are designed for the needs of home users. We design them with speed in mind for online gaming and streaming, security for working from home and isolation to keep easily hacked IoT devices from accessing other devices.

Business network & WiFi installation.

Our business networks are designed uniquely for your business. What level of security do you need? How fast do you need to transfer internal documents? We gather a lot of data about your company to insure you we install a network that is reliable and compliant for your industry.
Home and business networks and installation in anniston and Oxford, Alabama
Home and business networks and installation in Gadsden, Alabama
Home and business networks and installation in Birmingham, Alabama

Some of the networking and WiFi services we offer in the Birmingham, Gadsden and Anniston/Oxford, Alabama areas.

Network & WiFi Troubleshooting

Our team can help you resolve common issues like slow network, no connection issues or problems with your WiFi network.

Network Cabling Installation

Our team can install new voice and data cabling in new construction sites or add on to you home or business.

Wireless & WiFi Network Installation

Our team can install a whole home or office wireless solution that provides speed, reliability and security.

Network & WiFi Security

Our team can configure your network to be more secure against outside cyberattacks looking to steal your data.

Network & WiFi Upgrades

Our team can upgrade your older out of compliance or failing network equipment with new, faster and more reliable hardware.

Network & Cabling Cleanup

Our team can cleanup that eye soar of a network closet and remove cabling that puts added weight to drop ceilings.

Network troubleshooting and installation in Birmingham, Gadsden and Anniston/Oxford, Alabama

Frequently asked questions about our home and business networking services.

Loosing your connection to the internet or other devices on the network can be several things. If it's happening on a singe computer you might have a driver issue, hardware issue or an issue with your network switch. If you constantly loose connection on several devices it's most likely your network equipment. In the situation you might have failing equipment or just need to update it's firmware. If you're having these problems, the network engineers at Digital Micro can troubleshoot and correct your problems.

Yes. We can run voice (phone) and data (network) cabling him most homes. Is it always the best option? In many cases it's a better option to design and install a whole home wireless network. However, we do understand some home owners prefer to hardware some devices. The network engineers at Digital Micro can come onsite to your home and walk through your options and cost associated with either adding cables or a wireless network.

Yes. It's not uncommon for businesses owners and managers to reach out because they do not have enough network or phone cables in their building. Our network engineers can add as many cable drops as you need. In some cases we have buildings where the cabling has been damaged or outdated. In these cases we provide a full replacement solutions where we remove all the old cabling and replace it with modern, future proof cabling.

Yes and no. We say this because there is no 100% way to protect you from a cyberattack. When we have a customer reaching out with concerns about todays Cyberthreats we have several options in providing you with the best protection possible. Depending on the industry your business is in we have several options in network security appliance to protect you from outside attacks. Our network engineers will design a solution based off your needs, custom to your business.

Yes we do. All new network installations from Digital Micro come with 1 year of remote monitoring and maintenance.  This allows us to insure the hardware stays up-to-date with security and performance patches, better protecting your home or business. This also allows us to prevent vendors from adding devices to your network in a way they create security holes allowing cyberattacks.

If you need network troubleshooting or a new network installed, send the experts at Digital Micro a message.


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