Oxford and Anniston, Alabama

Digital Micro has been offering laptop and desktop computer repair to home and business customers since 2010. 

Local Computer Repair

At Digital Micro we have been repairing laptop and desktop computers since 2010 in the Anniston and Oxford, Alabama area. Our technicians are CompTIA certified to quickly diagnose and repair hardware failures, operating system error messages and perform data recovery.

Keep your data and personal information save and secure after the repair with our cloud based backup solution, PC protection software and computer support plans.

Cloud based data backup protection.

Many people face the loss of data everyday when their computer stops working. Data they will never get back and need. Digital Micro can set your PC up with a reliable, cloud based backup to keep this from happening to you.

Monitored computer protection software.

Is your computers anti-virus/anti-malware software running and up-to-date? Many people do not know. With our monitored PC protection software we will because we are watching over your computer for you.

Computer support plans to keep you PC going.

With a computer support plan from Digital Micro your computer is backed up in the cloud, monitored 24/7 for threats, patches and security updates. Even with this level of protection things can happen so we give you unlimited remote support if it does.
Here to help you fix your computer in multiple ways.
Onsite Computer Repair

Our computer techs will come to your home or office and repair your computer the same day or next day in most cases.

Online Computer Repair

Our online computer techs can typically resolve many software based issues by connecting to your PC over the internet saving you money.

In-store Computer Repair

Prefer to bring your PC in for repair? No problem. We have an instore location for customers in the Anniston and Oxford, AL. area.

Common Computer Repair Questions

This has to be the number one question we get daily. Your computer should never take long to open programs, documents or webpages. If it seems like it's taking way to long this could be caused by virus/malware infections, to many programs running in the background that don't need to be or you computer has a standard hard drive with low performance hardware.

We can fix this by first checking for infections and removing them if found. Second we optimize your computer so it's not unnecessary programs are not running in the back ground taking up system resources. Finally we can upgrade your computers hard drive to a much faster SSD drive. An SSD upgrade can make a night and day difference in system performance.

The answer you get for this question will be very different depending on who you ask. The big-box-store's will almost always tell you to buy a new computer because they are more incentivized to sell you a new PC. Most small repair shops will almost always tell you to repair your computer because they make a large profit margin on the labor. They also hope you will come back so they can sell you a new computer and make a larger profit off you.

At Digital Micro we look at several factors when offering you our decision on should you repair or replace your computer. No matter what we think, we always provide you with both options when we think replacing is a better choice.

To answer this question it depends on what needs to be repaired on your computer. 

Software based problems - If you're computer is suffering from a virus/malware infection, error messages or operating system crashes we can typically have this resolved within 24 hours after repairs are approved. 

Hardware based problems - If your computer is suffering from hardware failure repair times will depend on the availability of the replacement hardware. For common hardware that's used across all computers we typically can have your computer repaired within 24 to 48 hours after repairs are approved. If your computer needs specialty hardware only used by your model computer repairs times can take up to 72 hours depending on hardware availability and shipping times.

A common question we're asked is can you recover my data if the computer can't be repaired or not worth repairing? In most cases yes we can access your computers hard drive and pull the data off for you. If your computer is being brought in for repair because the hard drive has crashed, the computer has been physically damaged or other hard drive based failures we made need to send your drive to a third party recover company.

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1805 Golden Springs Rd.
Anniston, AL. 36207


Phone: +1 (256) 405 9150
Phone: +1 (205) 547 0661

Industry We Service

Residential, Small Business,
Houses of Worship, Restaurants, Event Centers and Warehouses. 

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