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At Digital Micro we offer structures cabling services for networking (data), voice and audio video solutions in new construction, remodels or just adding a few cables where you need them in your home or business.

Need Cabling Services?

If your looking for structured cabling services in Alabama, Digital Micro will be your best choice for Birmingham, Oxford, Gadsden and the surrounding areas.

Digital Micro offers experienced and professional structured cabling contractors and we have been helping customers with their business communication needs for more than 10 years. We’ll work with you to create a custom data center and telephone communication system to meet your needs, whether your network is comprised of ten computers or ten buildings, and we can provide the category 5e, 6, 6a, fiber optic, coax and speaker cabling needed to connect voice and data across the LAN or your audio video devices.

Network (Data) Cabling Services

We provide network or data cabling services for computer networks in home, business and organizations of any size. The most common cabling we install include Cat 5e, Cat 6, Cat 6a and fider.

Phone (Voice) Cabling Services

With cloud based phones becoming common we have helped many companies run cabling for them. Phone systems should always be on their own dedicated lines and vlan for proper network securuty.

Distributed Audio Video Cabling Services

Distributed audio video cabling services are no a part of almost every business, not just restaurants and houses of worship. Our cabling service techs can help with cabling for speakers, video, security cameras and conference rooms. All leading back to a central point.
Network Cabling Service in Oxford, Gadsden, Birmingham, Alabama
Audio Video Cabling Service in Oxford, Gadsden, Birmingham, Alabama
Cabling Rack Installation in Oxford, Gadsden, Birmingham, Alabama

Common Questions

Our structured cabling service pricing is based on the number of cables, or drops, you need and the type cabling. We never charge by the hour to run cabling. You will know up front what your cabling job will cost before we start. 

With our per drop price we include the cabling, jacks, wall plates, labor and testing on each cable. For network cabling we perform a basic test to insure the cable passes on both ends. If you require a speed certification test this can be done at an additional cost.

Yes. We can provide floor mounted racks, floor racks with wheels or wall mounted racks for all of your cabling and network equipment. This is not included with the per drop price on the cabling installation.

Yes. If you need the network equipment as well as cabling we can install and configure the brands we sell. 

When you receive your estimate or bid for network cabling services the type of cabling, or category, is very important because if effects the price. It starts with Cat 5e cabling. Cat 5e cabling is the most common you will see. Cat 5e cabling has a speed rating of 1000Mbps and in most small businesses is fast enough for their demands and the most cost effective. Cat 6 cabling has a speed rating of 1000Mbps at 100 meters, but it also can do 10Gbps at a range of 55 meters. Cat 6a will cabling will give you the full 10Gbps over 100 meters. Which cabling you use in your business is depends on what you do. Our cabling techs will work with you to insure you have the right type of cable for you.

CCA cabling stands for Copper Clad Aluminum. It's the biggest issue we face today in the structured cabling service industry. It has a much lower price than pure copper cabling allowing installers to give a very low bid. That low price for your cabling job will come back to get you. Here are the common issues with using CCA cabling. First its not UL or TIA compliant, nor does it have the proper safety listing from the national electric board. Second is that is has oxidation and corrosion issues causing the cable to fail in just a few years. The third and most dangerous is trying to connect a POE device on it. With more and more of our devices getting their power over the ethernet cable CCA cabling can quickly over heat, and CCA cabling has been the cause of many building fires.

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