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Looking for a TV wall mounting installation service? Digital Micro can wall mount any size TV in your home, office, restaurant or any type business indoor or outside.

TV Mounting Service.

Digital Micro offers professional TV wall mounting service to both home users and businesses. We use high quality TV mounts that insure your TV is level and secure to the wall. 

We also insure all cabling is hidden in the wall or concealed when we wall mount, ceiling mount or stand mount your TV.

High Quality TV Wall Mounts

A bad TV wall mount can quickly give you a bad experience. Some are a pain to put together, they don't fit well or they never allow your TV to be level. We only use the best TV wall mounts that allow for a perfect fit and can be adjusted to insure the TV is level.

Hide Cable In The Wall

No body wants the cables to just hang down from the TV after it's mounted. In most cases we can hide your cabling in the wall. For times when it's not in the budget or not possible we use wire track to give a clean installation look.

Commercial TV Wall Mounting

Yes we wall mount and ceiling mount TV's in businesses, restaurants, houses of worship and more. With out commercial package we provide the TV's, hardware and labor. We offer Samsung and LG indoor TV's as well as Sunbright outdoor TV's.
TV Wall Mounting in Oxford, Gadsden, Birmingham, Alabama
Outdoor TV Wall Mounting in Oxford, Gadsden, Birmingham, Alabama
Commercial TV Wall Mounting in Oxford, Gadsden, Birmingham, Alabama

Common Questions

Our TV wall mounting prices depend on many factors. That's why we do not offer fixed pricing. In most cases an installer can ask you a few questions and request a couple of pictures to give you an estimate. If you have additional needs such as getting a connection online to the tv that is not available we prefer to do an onsite estimate. You will find many companies offering a fixed price on their websites. Be careful with these. In most cases they're based on basic installations. If they run into things they can't predict without being onsite the price will either go way up, or the quality of tv wall mounting will go way down. 

Yes. When we wall mount a TV we prefer to provide the wall mount, cabling, power relocation kits and addition installation materials. This allows us to not only perform the service quicker, but the vendors we purchase from offer a far better quality product and warranty.

We also do provide TV's and sound bars if requested. We partner with Samsung and LG for TV's. Keep in mind we are a locally owned business and do not have the ability to allow returns if the TV does not check every box you thought it would. When we provide the TV we ask several questions to insure we get as close to perfect as possible. 

Yes we do. However when mounting a TV to the wall when using customer provided wall mounts, cables and other installation materials we do not offer a warranty on labor or equipment. This is because many people find after buying budget based wall mounts that the TV rarely sits level. Our mounts allow us to make micro changes after the TV is wall mounted to level it. Also we have seen many articulating wall mounts fail over time.

When wall mounting a TV that does not have a power outlet where the TV is being mounted we can install power relocation kits that are code compliant. If a completely new circuit must be installed we are not allowed under Alabama law to install it. You must have a licensed electrician put the outlet in.

When you wall mount your own TV you might find the TV can't connect online for streaming. This could be because there is not network jack or the wifi signal doesn't reach, if it does its to weak. This will be part of the questions we ask when working with a customer. We might have to come onsite to do an evaluation of your network to insure the TV streams content the way it should without bad picture quality or buffering. If needed we can go over your options to insure you have a strong, reliable connection for your new mounted TV.

We current mount TV's on just about every surface except stone. We check every surface before beginning the service. If we do not feel like the TV will stay or the surface will be damaged from the hardware installation we will not mount the TV. For drywall installations where sheet rock must be cut to create patches for cables we do not offer drywall repair.

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Industry We Service

Residential, Small Business,
Houses of Worship, Restaurants, Event Centers and Warehouses. 


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