Security Alarms, Access Control & Security Cameras 

Physical Security Solutions for Business in Birmingham, Gadsden and Anniston, AL.

A fully managed, cloud-based, Building Security Suite with Proactive Alerting and Monitoring by For2Fi.

Modernize Your Buildings Approach to Physical Security and Awareness.

Control your buildings physical security devices in a single, cloud-based platform. 

Security systems, access control and security cameras in Birmingham, AL
Video Security

Powerful onboard processing to bring simplicity and speed to your investigations.

Access Control

Plug-and-play access control solution built for ease of use and limitless scale.

Security Alarms

24-7 professional monitoring, intrusion detection, and communication console.

Air Quality

Data-driven insights for monitoring changes across your environment.

Implementing alarms, access control, and security cameras in a business is crucial for safeguarding assets, employees, and sensitive information. Alarms serve as immediate alerts to potential threats, deterring unauthorized access and providing a rapid response in case of emergencies. Access control ensures restricted entry, minimizing the risk of unauthorized individuals entering sensitive areas. Security cameras act as a powerful deterrent and invaluable investigative tool, offering real-time monitoring and recorded evidence to enhance overall safety and mitigate potential risks, ultimately safeguarding the integrity and continuity of the business.

Steps to a more secure building.


Onsite Discover

A For2Fi authorized tech will come onsite to provide a complete walkthrough of your building to design a solution for your business security.

We Provide An Estimate

Once the discover is completed you will receive a complete estimate that shows the equipment fees, installation cost and monthly monitoring fees,

Professional Installation

Once you approve the system a For2Fi certified installer will professionally install your new system, provide training and your building is protected.

Now Providing Fleet Management\GPS Tracking.

  • Track vehicles, generators, trailers and heavy equipment.
  • No power connections? We have GPS trackers with 5yr battery life.
  • Dual Dash SafetyCams to capture drivers view of the road and live-video.
  • Detect hard braking, hard acceleration and hard corning.
  • Get visibility to unsafe driving activity.
  • Reduce risk and cost of accidents.
  • Prevent frivolous claims
  • Know where your equipment and assets are at all times.
GPS fleet management and asset tracking in Birmingham, AL.

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Ready to provide improve your buildings security with a new alarm system, security cameras or access control? Contact Digital Micro for a professionally designed and installed system in Birmingham, Anniston and Gadsden areas.


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Areas We Serve
  • Small Business
  • House of Worship
  • New Construction
  • Restaurant & Event Centers
  • Education

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