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Ultra-fast, reliable, and affordable business internet solutions to fit your business needs. Discover the best business internet option to help boost performance and productivity.

We work with all the major service providers like AT&T, Comcast, Spectrum, Windstream and many more to provide you with the best solution for your business.

Business fiber internet and 5g wireless in Birmingham, Anniston and gadsden
Birmingham, AL. Fiber Internet
Fiber Internet

Fiber internet uses cutting edge, 100% fiber technology. Fiber technology uses light waves instead of electrical signals to transmit data, and fiber optic cable can send higher volumes of information over longer distances than copper cable. This means customers on a fiber network have higher speeds available to them, regardless of their distance from a network node.

Birmingham, AL. 5G Wireless Internet
5G Wireless

Is your business in a location where nobody provides high speed internet? You don't have to suffer with slow speed internet. With 5G wireless from AT&T or T-Mobile you can now have speeds that can match copper lines of a reliable 5G network. No need to pay expensive buildouts to run line to your building, just high speed connectivity.

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Picking a new internet provider is easy.

Why would you use an ISP agent when getting new internet service? Many small businesses do not realize the options they have and only take the "best" option a phone rep offers. These phone reps are not in your local area and care nothing about your business in the community. At Digital Micro will see what speed you actually need so you're never over sold. 


Free Onsite Evaluation.

A Digital Micro network engineer will come onsite to evaluate your needs in an ISP so you get the proper speeds you actually need.


Pick Your Service Plan.

Digital Micro will present you with all of your options in providers and the cost of service. We work with most ISP's to help you get the best pricing possible.


Onsite Cut Over.

On the day your service is activated or switched over a Digital Micro engineer will come onsite to insure things go smoothly. We can insure your networking equipment is configured properly.

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